Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Global Warming Awareness Campaign features Suicidal Wildlife

I just saw this video and had to share it. It's a powerful new global warming awareness campaign for a Portuguese environmental organization named Quercus. The PSA was created by McCann Erickson Portugal.

The tag line at the end of the video reads "Global Warming - If you give up, they give up."


alex said...

thanks for sharing this. we teach social media (and I blog on global warming) over in the UK. Powerful and unsettling. I think it needs assessment for its anthropomorphism as well as its ecological warning. will it go viral?

Royal Raven said...

Wow, pretty sad and emotional video. Animals and suicide definitely create a disturbing example of global warming. Though I don't understand how trains are working if nobody's left alive except a few animals.

corinnew said...

Yes, the anthropomorphism is an interesting concept. Especially the idea that animals would commit suicide.

I believe it's really well done from a technical perspective. The animals' facial expressions and body language really do convey a sense of desperation.

das said...

The Union of Concerned Scientists, a group of over two thousand scientists, has concluded that global warming is beyond dispute, and already changing our climate. The last 30 years have seen the warmest surface temperatures in recorded history, and the NOAA has recently predicted 2007 will be the warmest year on record.Global Warming, in brief, is the warming of the Earth. Our planet, Earth, is continually being warmed by different sources (for e.g. gases in the atmosphere, ultraviolet rays from the sun etc.)