Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Step towards the Adoption of Social Media Releases?

The Swiss blog "das Wortgefecht" today reported that PR firm Burson-Marsteller just launched a Social Media Release (SMR) distribution service named Although the site currently only houses a few examples, it shows that the PR industry is getting serious about SMRs. 

I took a closer look at the only publicly available English language SMR on the site (yes - there's a password protected Social Media Release on the site - not very social if you ask me...). The publicly accessible SMR announces fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld's decision to design 80 limited edition homes on an island in Dubai. 
The layout of the page is simple and clean (especially when compared to some of the early SMRs), but the site itself seems to be lacking some elements that would make it a truly interactive and social site. SHIFT Communications' latest SMR template called for the integration of a commenting feature and pointed out the importance of offering an easy way to embed multimedia files. Neither of these features seem to be present in the Lagerfeld SMR however. Add those features to the site and I think you'd have a really nice example of a news release worthy of the 21st century.

Update (8/19): Turns out the service does allow you to grab the embed code by using the video contained in the body of the release instead of the one listed on the sidebar.

Update (8/19): The CNW group, a Canadian news and information distribution provider, also just launched a very nice SMR distribution tool. Their service allows for user comments and displays the video embed code right under the video.


St├ęphanie Bonnet from BM said...

Thank you very much for your comments. It's great to see some feedback from the community.

The password protected press release is a glitch as it should have been kept in the admin view only, where we post draft releases just before they go live ! Well spotted !

Your point about allowing comments is great and we'll try to integrate this. As for embedding multimedia files, we have this functionality already as you can see with the various videos in the body of the release and on the right hand side column. Or maybe you meant something else ?

corinnew said...

Hi Stephanie - What I meant was providing the actual embed code to make it easier to share these videos. John Mahoney has a great post on his blog about why providing the embed code matters. It's what enables bloggers to grab the multimedia files and share them on their blogs and what ultimately allows them to go viral.

St├ęphanie Bonnet said...

Hi Corinne, if you play the video until the end, then the embedded code is here on the right hand blax box. You can also get it by doing a mouse right click on the video download on the right hand side column.

corinnew said...

My bad - I looked at the .wmv file in the right hand column instead of the YouTube version.