Monday, January 21, 2008

Social bookmarks as a PR Tool Slideshow

I've uploaded the lecture notes on social bookmarking,, and their use as a PR tool. As before, you will need to click on the slide to move from one slide to the next.

Some of the ideas we discussed about using as a PR tool came from Todd Defren's Social Media Tactics Series. You may want to check out his original posts on his PR Squared blog:
Remember that your blogging assignment starts this week. Now that we've examined technologies such as blogs, RSS, and social bookmarks, and that you've read about and listened to podcasts about Web 2.0, you should think about posting a reaction to the readings and class discussions. How do you think these technologies will impact the PR profession? Do you have any examples of how they have changed the practice of PR? How can PR professionals use these technologies to communicate with their various publics? You don't necessarily need to answer these exact questions in your blog post, but you should engage the course material and examine it from a public relations perspective.

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