Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Favorite slideshows from my social media class

Over the course of the past few semesters I have made some of the slideshows I use in class publicly available on Slideshare. I also shared most of them on this blog. Since I periodically get requests for particular ones, I've decided to make the most popular ones available in one post here:

Blogging 101:

Twitter for PR:

Using Twitter to Connect with Audiences:

Twitter & Social Media for Crisis Communication:
Monitoring Conversations Online:


Matt Reyes said...

Corinne - I absolutely love your presentations. They are always in-depth and well designed. Hope you're well.

corinnew said...

Thanks Matt! I've always had an interest in graphic design and really enjoy creating presentations. Glad you found them useful.

Jeff Marmins said...

Outstanding presentations and valuable content. You might consider assembling this body of knowledge into one study / publication.

corinnew said...

Jeff - Thank you. I'm working on a number of publications. I just need more time to get all these projects done :-)

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