Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Timeline of the Greenpeace anti-KitKat social media campaign

In class on Monday we discussed web video and how organizations use it to disseminate their messages. One of the examples we looked at was Greenpeace's new video aimed at pressuring Nestlé into dropping its use of palm oil in the production of KitKat bars.

Nestlé immediately demanded that the video be removed from YouTube citing copyright infringement. YouTube agreed and removed the video -- thereby creating a stir that eventually got traditional media outlets interested in the story. Nestlé made matters worse with a number of angry comments it posted to its Facebook fan site. As a result, Nestlé is getting hammered with negative comments on its Facebook site. I'm not even sure you can still call it a fan site at this point... What's most amazing to me is that Nestlé has apparently abandoned its Facebook page. The company hasn't reacted to the onslaught of criticism since last Friday's comments.

For a timeline of the events that lead to this PR crisis, check out this great slideshow:


Megan Garza said...

Yay a Prezi shout-out! I'm a total Prezi convert. I did both presentations this semester for a class with it and had a blast. This Prezi in particular was very helpful at breaking down the Greenpeace campaign.

corinnew said...

Yes, I really like Prezi! I've played with it a few times, but haven't created an entire presentation yet. Love this example both for the content and look.